International Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Sciences (IJCPS)
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 1-10

Areal (2-d) Simulation Of Water Flood Process In Unite Well Pattern

Authors : Wan Wei . Wang Shengbo .


In this project, the partial differential equations governing water flood in a unit well pattern were solved numerically and then the numerical solutions were used to construct the contour and surface plots of reservoir pressure and water saturation. The reservoir pressure and water saturation at a given location in the reservoir as a function of injection time were also simulated. The simulation results show that the reservoir pressure and water saturation gradually decreases with increasing the distance from the injection well. In addition, the reservoir pressure and water saturation gradually increase with increasing injection time at the location of (20 m, 20 m) in the reservoir. The water saturation gradually increases with increasing injection time at the production well.


Water flood, Simulation, Water saturation, Pressure

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