PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 56-64

Neurotoxic And Lipidic Peroxidation Effect Of Metal Dust And Cadmium On Helix Aspersa

Auteurs : Grara Nedjoud . Atailia Amira . Boucenna Mounir . Khaldi Fadila . Berrebbah Houria . Djebar Mohamed Réda .


In this study we were interested in the evaluation of the impact of the metal dust collected on the level of the iron and steel complex of EL-Hadjar and the Cadmium which is regarded as the most toxic pollutant, most widespread in the environment of the zones to strong human activities and their effects on organizations bioaccumulator and bio indicator of pollution Helix aspersa. With regard to the bio markers we highlighted a reduction in the AChE activity on the level of the head. In addition, the exposure of Helix aspersa to metal dust and Cadmium induces a lipidic peroxidation with release of (MDA).

Mots clés

Helix aspersa , dust metal, Cadmium, bio markers, pollution, MDA, AChE , bio-accumulation, digestive gland , kidney.