Bulletin du Service Géologique de l'Algérie
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 53-64

Juxtaposed And Superimposed Magnetizations In Carboniferous Formations Of The Tindouf Basin

Authors : Bouabdallah Hamza . Henry Bernard . Nacer Merabet Nacer . Maouche Saïd .


In the Tindouf basin, two well defined juxtaposed magnetizations B and C have been determined in two Carboniferous formations using principal component analysis. The B component, corresponding to the lowest unblocking temperatures of magnetization, results of the superimposition of the primary component C to a chemical remagnetization D (here aPermian overprint). Such a superimposition could have been pointed out by analyzing the relations in orientation between B and C components.


Juxtaposed magnetizations -Superimposed magnetizations-ChemicalRemagnetization- Tindouf basin