Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 2, Numéro 3, Pages 120-129

Evaluation Of Response Reduction Factor And Ductility Factor Of Rc Braced Frame

Authors : Tamboli Kruti . Amin J. A. .


Response reduction factor is the factor by which the actual base shear force should be reduced, to obtain the design lateral force during design basic earthquake (DBE) shaking. The response reduction factor (R) is basically depends on Over strength (Rs), Ductility (Rµ), Redundancy (RR). So there is a need to come up with realistic R factors for different structural systems used in various countries. In the present study efforts are made to evaluate the response reduction factor and ductility of RC braced frame using nonlinear static pushover analysis. The types of the frame considered in this study are RC frame with X bracing at centre bay, RC frame with X bracing at alternate bays, shear wall at canter and alternate bays. The result of this study shows that R factor and lateral strength of RC frames are considerably affected by the types and arrangement of the bracing system.


RC frame building; Ductility; Pushover analysis; Response reduction factor