Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 44-52

Validation De Quelques Modèles Spectraux Pour La Détermination Du Spectre Solaire Au Sol En Algérie

Auteurs : Mesri Merad M . Cheknane A . Rougab I .


In this work, we draw on the methodological approaches of the spectral models developed by Bird & Riordan and Leckner to compute the spectral components of solar radiation on the ground for different catch surface tilts. The main objective remains to make available to researchers and designers of solar energy systems, especially Algerian, a numerical tool for calculating the spectral components of solar radiation integrating different atmospheric conditions. The spectra thus obtained will make it possible to examine the spectral selectivity performances of photovoltaic devices varying a set of input parameters such as air mass, atmospheric turbidity and water vapor as well as the day of the year.

Mots clés

Solar spectrum; amount of precipitable water; ozone height; soil albedo; spectral model.