algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 2, Numéro 3, Pages 31-39

Treatment Of Partially Stabilized Landfill Leachate Using ‎combinations Of Coagulation, Fenton Oxidation And Granular ‎activated Carbon (gac) Adsorption ‎

Authors : Boumechhour F . Kerbachi‎ R . Rechoum‎ A.e . Benmenni‎ M.s .


This study investigated the treatment performances of ‎coagulation, Fenton oxidation, granular activated carbon ‎adsorption and combinations between them aiming to provide an ‎efficient method for the treatment of partially stabilized leachates. ‎Leachates were collected from Ouled Fayet landfill (Algeria) , ‎samples were characterized with a low biodegradability ‎‎(BOD5/COD ratio about 0.15), COD of 8294 mg/l and pH ‎around 8. The sequence of stages implemented was: (a) ‎Coagulation /flocculation (COD removal ≈ 71 % with FeCl3 ‎dosage of 1.6 g/l at pH 5); (b) Fenton oxidation (COD removal ≈ ‎‎74.6% using 5g/l of H2O2, H2O2/ Fe(II) molar ratio = 6 at pH ‎‎3.5); (c) Coagulation/flocculation followed by Fenton oxidation ‎‎(>86 % of COD removal was achieved) ; (d) Fenton oxidation ‎followed by coagulation/flocculation (COD removal ≈ 81.7% ) ‎and (e) Granular activated carbon adsorption after coagulation ‎and Fenton process ( very good reduction in COD : 94.2% ).‎


Coagulation;‎ Fenton oxidation; ‎ Activated Carbon; ‎adsorption; ‎ Landfill leachate; ‎ Treatment.‎