Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 7-11

Liquid-liquid Extraction Of Methanol From Aqueous Solution Using N-hexane And Toluene As Solvents.

Authors : Larous Soumaya .


The present work deals with the use of toluene and n-hexane as solvents for the liquid-liquid extraction of methanol at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Data for the binodal curves have been determined by cloud-point titration method and conjugate points on tie-line were obtained by correlating the refractive index of the binodal curves as a function of composition. The distribution coefficient and the selectivity factor of the solvents used were calculated and plotted for the extraction effectiveness of these last. The results obtained show that toluene solvent has a higher selectivity factor than the n-hexane solvent for the extraction of methanol from aqueous solutions.


n-Hexane ; liquid-liquid extraction ; methanol ; selectivity factor ; toluene