Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 206-216

Effect Of Salt Stress On Some Physiological Parameters In Atriplex Halimus L.

Authors : Soualmi N. . Belkhodja M. . Adda A. .


The impact of salinity applied for five weeks followed two provenances of Atriplex halimus L. harvested from Oran (Algeria coast) and Ain Dheb (high plateaus west of Algeria). The analyzed parameters are physiological from the leaves of young plants grown in a greenhouse stored in air-conditioned glass. Two types of salt stress are imposed on plants from the 165th day after sowing for a batch CaCl2 + NaCl to 300 meq and 600 meq.l-1and for the other batch to undiluted water sea with a frequency of watering every other two days. The results of water indicators such as the relative water content (RWC or TRE) showed some fluctuation during the five weeks under the two types of stress. Transpiration (water loss from the excised leaf or RWL) measured after 30, 60 and 120 min at the end of the period of application of stress presents a decline in both sources and types of stress. In addition, the stomatal resistance showed considerable variability for both sources and the type of stress.


A. halimus L., salt stress NaCl + CaCl2, Seawater, RWC, sweating, stomatal resistance.

Etude De La Tolerance Aux Stress Hydrique Et Salin De Deux Ecotypes D’atriplex Halimus L.

Casasni Lydia .  Bouabdallah Houssem Eddine .  Bouchenak Fatima .  Chaouia Cherifa . 
pages 2118-2128.

Effet Du Stress Salin Sur Le Taux De Chlorophylle Et La Perméabilité Membranaire Chez L’atriplex Halimus

Benrebiha Fatma .  Hamdani F. .  Chaouia Cherifa .  Bouchenak Fatima . 
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