Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 7, Numéro 3, Pages 375-393

A Novel Technique For Improving The Efficiency Of A Photovoltaic Silicon Solar Cell Based On The Band-trap Impact Ionization Phenomenon

Authors : Zieba Falama R. . Mibaile J. . Djongyang N. . Doka S. Y. .


In this paper, we consider a photovoltaic silicon solar cell in which the charge carriers are moved solitary. To evaluate the number of charge carriers in the solar cell, the proposed nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation describing the phenomena of carriers transport in solar cell under the effect of band-trap impact ionization has been solved. The results from this equation are solitary solutions. The maximum efficiency of the proposed model has been evaluated for various photo-generation coefficients. The range of the external applied electric field Eo to be avoided has been carried out. The interest of the obtained results is firstly economical since it could be useful in avoiding strong and undesirable external applied electric field on solar cells. The second interest is that they permit to identify the approximate maximum efficiency value of solar cell band-trap impact ionization.


Photovoltaic; silicon solar cell; band-trap impact ionization; efficiency; solitary.