Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 4, Numéro 2, Pages 34-41

Biosorption Of Methyl Violet 2b By Chemically Treated Okoume Sawdust: Kinetic, Isotherm And Thermodynamic Studies

Authors : Guechi El Khamssa . Benabdesselam Soulef . Hamdaoui Oualid .


The ability of chemically treated okoume sawdust (OST) to biosorb a hazardous triphenylmethane dye, methyl violet 2B (MV2B), from aqueous solutions has been studied in batch mode. Batch experiments were performed to examine the effect of operating parameters such as effect of initial concentration basic dye and contact time, temperature (20-40°C), initial solution pH (2–9), biosorbent particle size (0.18–1.5 mm), contact time (0-120 min) and initial concentration (5-30 mg/L) of the removal of MV. Lagergren Pseudo-first-order, Blanchard pseudo-second-order, Elovich and Weber-Morris models were used to fit the experimental data. The obtained results indicate that the biosorption system of MV on OST obeyed a pseudo-second-order kinetics model (0.999≤ r ≤1). Equilibrium biosorption data at different temperatures were analyzed using Langmuir, Freundlich and Harkins-Jura isotherm models. Equilibrium data can be well described by the Langmuir model showing maximum monolayer biosorption capacity (qm) of 102.04 mg/g at 20°C. Thermodynamic parameters such as ∆G°, ∆S° and ∆H° were calculated, and the results suggest that the biosorption is spontaneous, a physical process and endothermic.


Biosorption ; chemically treated okoume sawdust ; , batch study ; methyl violet2B dye ; Modeling