Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 4, Numéro 2, Pages 9-16

Photodegradationof Pharmaceutical Product (ibuprofen) In Aqueous Medium By Photo-like-fenton Process Under Natural And Artificial Irradiation

Authors : Adala Amina .


In this work, we are interested in the study of the photochemical degradation of Ibuprofen, the active substance of many drugs, by an organic complex (Fe(III) -Malonate) in aqueous solution by the photo like Fenton process using the system (Fe (III)-Malonate complex / H2O2 / UV at 365 nm). The results obtained showed a very rapid reaction for the ratio [H2O2]0 / [Fe3+] 0 = 1/3, at pH = 2.8 and 4.8, and [IBP] = 5. 10-5 M, this can be explained by CH2COOH. [1-2] and OH. [3] The radicals generated by the reaction between Fe3 + and H2O2 which would come from the free Malonate / Fe (III) complex equilibrium. Furthermore, the study of the IBP-Fe (III) Maonatel-H2O2 system has shown that Ibuprofen (5.10-5 M) disappears more quickly due to the intervention of like Fenton. Natural irradiation tests have shown more rapid degradation of this pollutant under excitation by sunlight, highlighting the efficiency of the Fe (III)-Malonate system in the depollution of water. Transformation photoproducts are more difficult to photodegrade than the mixture itself, only the COD reduction percentages under artificial and solar irradiation are 10% and 57% respectively after 12 hours.


Organic complex ; Fe (III) -Malonate ; ibuprofen ; like- photo-fenton ; hydrogen peroxide