Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 7, Numéro 2, Pages 227-240

Durability Of Self-compacting Concretes Made With The Natural Pozzolan And Siliceous Fines

Authors : Ayed K. . Kerdal D.e. . Leklou N. .


The effect of natural pozzolan and local waste siliceous fines on the durability of SCC was studied in this paper. Three self-compacting concretes were made with the following three additions, namely limestone fillers (SCC LF), pozzolanic fillers (SCC NP) and siliceous fillers (SCC SF). Durability tests, such as the porosity accessible to water, capillarity, carbonation, permeability to oxygen gas and diffusion of chloride ions, were carried out on these concretes in order to study the influence of these fillers on the transfer properties and durability of SCCs. The results obtained indicate that the SCC LF and SCC NP generally have the same transfer properties; these properties are significantly influenced by porosity and carbonation. In addition, the capillarity is nearly similar for all three SCCs. Moreover, it is worth noting that SCC NP gives permeability and diffusion coefficients of chloride ions slightly lower in comparison with those of the other SCCs. These finding suggest that the incorporation of Algerian natural fines and industrial waste as mineral additions into the SCC may have a positive environmental impact and can promote the development of local materials that are available in large quantities and whose production cost is low.


Durability of SCCs; Limestone fillers; Natural pozzolan filler; siliceous fillers

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