Rеvuе des Energies Renouvelables
Volume 18, Numéro 4, Pages 539-549

Optimization Of Osmotic Dehydration Of Tomatoes Slices In Salt And Sucrose Solutions Using Response Surface Methodology

Authors : Ferradji A. . Aït Chaouche F.s. . Belhachat D. . Malek A. .


Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was used to investigate the effect of temperature solution, immersion time, salt concentration and sucrose concentration on the water loss and solid gain during osmotic dehydration of tomatoes slices. The optimum conditions for maximum WL% and SG % are: T=55°C, t =240 min and C=74% for the sucrose and T=55°C, t= 240 min and C= 5% for the salt. The value of water content of the monomolecular layer (Xm),is 17.07 % at 25°C.


Tomatoes, Osmotic Dehydration, Response Surface Methodology, Salt, Sucrose.

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