Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 6, Numéro 3, Pages 409-426

Experimental Study Of Repair Of Aircraft Structures By Adhesive Patches Based On Epoxy And Fiberglass

Auteurs : Basaid Djamel . Benmounah Abdelbaki . Aribi Chouaib . May Abdelghani .


The composite materials present weakness to shocks and impact, studies are carried out in order to minimize the consequences of these defects, solutions are adopted for temporary or permanent. solutions are adopted for temporary or permanent repairs. These repairs are applied to the defects present on the composite materials of the "Low Energy Impact" type aircraft structure using the Epoxy matrix composite patch method: EPOCASTA50-1, a non-diluted resin reinforced with glass of the same type as that of the aircraft fuselage. The effectiveness of these repairs is verified using the study of conventional tensile behavior. For the characterization of the damaged state and validation of the results, non-destructive NDT control is carried out on specimens developed under the same conditions as repair plates attached to the fuselage plane.

Mots clés

Epoxy matrice; Glass Fiber; PATCH; Composite Materials; Impact