Journal of Management and Organizations Strategy


The Journal of Management, Organizations and Strategy JMOS is an academic and bimonthly journal of a highly scientific committee issued by the Laboratory of the Spatial Development and Entrepreneurship Studies (SEDLab) University of Adrar – Algeria. It provides economists and Administration scientists, academicians an exclusive forum for publishing their work about the theoretical understanding of management as well as empirical policy analysis of Managerial issues in a broader context. The JMOS welcomes original submissions in all areas of Researches, applied, and theoretical management. All submissions will first be subject to reviewers by the editors and, if convenient, will be sent for peer review. The editors of the Journal may also special issues, and books, solicit book reviews from time to time. The Authors of accepted papers will be supplied, Electronic copy of the issue number concerned, with the publication certificate The Journal also publishes Book Reviews. The JMOS is Registered with the National Library of Algeria (No. 12/2019) and it's accredited by the Scientific Council of the University of ADRAR-ALGERIA and the Council of the SED laboratory (Univ-Adrar, Algeria), its ISSN is 2716-778X.