Journal of Building Materials and Structures
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 25-32

Self-compactibility Of Flowing Sand-concrete Containing Dune Sand And Marble Powder

Authors : Bouziani Tayeb .


This paper evaluates the self-compactibility of flowing sand-concretes (FSC) mixtures, incorporated various dune sand and marble powder contents, by testing flowability (determined by slump flow and v-funnel tests), passing ability (determined by L-box test) and segregation (determined by the visual stability index). The compressive strength at 28 days was also determined. Results show that the slump flow of all FSC mixtures lie between 450 and 840 mm, thus satisfying flowability according the recommendations of AFGC, except for the mixture made with 150 kg/m3 of marble powder (with a slump flow of 450 mm). V-funnel flow time, T500 time and L-box ratio of all mixtures were about 1.7-3.8 s, 0.6-2.3 s and 0.5-0.93 respectively. These results indicate that FSC have a v-funnel time shorter than the range proposed by EFNARC recommendations (8-12 s). Despite lower v-funnel times, no visual stability loss has been observed for all studied mixtures (all mixtures have a visual segregation index of 0 and 1).


Flowing sand-concrete; dune sand; marble powder; self-compatibility.

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