Revue Algérienne des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Economiques
Volume 47, Numéro 3, Pages 77-90

The Economic Effects Of Money Launderning

Authors : رقية شيرون .


Most of the countries aie suffering from what's called money laundering. This phenomenon tliat extends around the world because of many factors stich as: financial globalisation which leads to the velocity of money flows worldwi- de, the expansion of the quantity of goods and services offered ...etc, which influence the économies negatively. And with the increasing of money latinde- ring risks, Governments in developing as well as developed countries are wor- king hard to set a series of laws in order to stop the spreading of this suspicious phenomenon and to mitigate its negative impacts, especially on tire économie side.


Money laundering, Dirty money, Econonric effects of money laundering. Government efforts.