Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 52-58

Study Of Interface Trapped Charges Effect On Performance Of Junction Less Trial Material Cylindrical Surrounding-gate Mosfets

Authors : Lagraf Fairouz . Rechem Djamil . Guergouri Kamel .


Interface trapped charges effect on the performance of Junction Less-Trial Material Cylindrical Surrounding-gate MOSFETs (JLTMCSG-MOSFETs) has been studied. An analytical model has been used for this purpose, it is based on solving the two-dimensional Poisson’s equation in cylindrical coordinates. The device performance has been investigated as a function of surface potential, electrical field, drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL), subthreshold Slope (SS) and threshold voltage (Vth). The obtained results show that the performance of the device was improved when using the trial material gate with different work functions and interface trapped charges. This study confirms that the analytical model used is useful not only for circuit simulations, but also for device design and optimization


Surrounding-gate MOSFET; Gate-Trial-material; Junctionless transistor; Trapped charges