Algerian Journal of Human and Social Sciences
Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 23-34

Entrepreneurial Spirit In University Education And Its, Influence On Socio- Economic Environment Demands

Authors : Ferhati Koudoua . Boursas Abderrahmane .


The entrepreneurial spirit as a process consisting of a set of attitudes and skills conducive to an entrepreneurial orientation. The university alongside other factors of socialization could develop it. And this evolving towards an entrepreneurial university by adopting an entrepreneurial orientation. As a result, it has to adopt entrepreneurial practices both in its internal and external environment. university students was assessed by an interview as a technique to collect data information, as well as their main determinants and constraints, based on a survey, and complemented with suggestions and points of view from the students .The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the efforts of the Algerian University in theimplantation of the entrepreneurial spirit in the fields of business and management as an organization of education, training and consulting on one side, on the other side its effect on the socio-economic environment


The entrepreneurship, University, Management, Socio-economic environment.