recherches économiques
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 158-180

واقع ممارسة بعض أنشطة إدارة الموارد البشرية في المؤسسات المتوسطة ودورها في تحقيق الإبداع من وجهة نظر مسؤولي إدارات الموارد البشرية

الكاتب : بوزورين فيروز .


This study aims to identify the reality of the practice of some human resources management activities in the medium enterprises and their role in achieving creativity. It concluded that: medium-sized enterprises studied exercise a various human resources management activities. The degree to which these activities influence the creativity varies from an activity to another, where training and development of human resources positively and very significantly affect creativity, while the system of incentives and wages affect positively and to a large extent, while both: HR planning, recruitment, performance appraisal, occupational health and safety does not affect creativity. And that human resources management activities generally have a positive and very significant impact on creativity in the same enterprises.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Human Resources Management; HR Planning; Recruitment; HR Training and Development; Performance Appraisal; Incentive System; Wages; Occupational Health and Safety; Creativity; Medium Enterprises.