social and human sciences review مجلة العلوم الاجتماعية والانسانية
Volume 20, Numéro 1, Pages 403-414

South Algerian Efl Learners’ Evaluation Of Cblt

Authors : Bouhania Bachir .


After more than ten years of implementation in the Algerian educational system, the Competency Based Approach (CBA) and the Competency Based Language Teaching (CBLT) present more drawbacks than advantages. For example, conversely to the traditional methods of teaching and learning, CBLT is not teacher but learner-centred. Consequently, EFL learners react differently to the new approach. Investigating such hindrances in south Algerian secondary schools of the administrative department (Wilaya) of Adrar reveals that the learners negatively evaluate (CBLT) as a new method of teaching English. This small-scale study elicited data from two hundred sixty-five (n=265) questionnaires filled in by pupils in eight different secondary schools. The research considers both scientific and literary streams, and aims at assessing and evaluating CBLT according to one of its main actors, the learners. The paper analyses the results of the questionnaires and states the facts. It also invites debates about the findings and their interpretations.


adrar ; CBA ; CBLT ; English ; Evaluation