Journal of Building Materials and Structures
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 10-22

Mix Proportioning And Performance Of A Crushed Limestone Sand-concrete

Authors : Makhloufi Zoubir . Bouziani Tayeb . Bédérina Madani . Hadjoudja Mourad .


Satisfying the ever-growing demand of concrete aggregates poses a problem in many parts of the world due to shortage of natural sand. Moreover, to conserve natural resources and protect civil engineering infrastructures, there is a need to find alternative materials. Crushed stone sand has been identified as a potential substitute material for natural sand in making good quality concrete. The main objective of the present investigation is to determine an adequate mix design method and evaluate engineering properties of crushed limestone sand concrete mixtures in both the fresh and hardened sates. More than thirty concrete mixtures were examined. The results indicate that water demand and cement paste content in crushed sand concrete are generally higher than that used in similar conventional concrete. Good mechanical properties were obtained for concrete using crushed limestone sand as fine aggregates with a superplasticizer. However, a higher than normally used dosage of superplasticizer is required in these concrete mixtures and the optimum dosage of the superplasticizer needs to be determined for each cement and sand content.


Crushed stone; fine aggregate; limestone; mix proportioning; fresh concrete; performance; mechanical properties.

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