Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 08-12

Filter Bank Based Multi-carrier Systems In 5g Network

Authors : Bouaziz Samir . Mesri Mokhtaria .


Most current fourth generation wireless systems use OFDM modulation technique. The success of the multi-carrier OFDM technology lies in the many benefits they offer. OFDM is robust against multipath effects, provides good spectral efficiency and better use of frequency resources compared to other conventional multi-carrier modulations. However, OFDM has some major drawbacks as a loss of spectral efficiency due to the insertion of the guard interval, a very high level of side lobes causing leakage of power between different subcarriers. OFDM technology will then be abandoned in favor of multi-carrier technology based filter bank called FBMC (Filter Bank Multicarrier). Through this article, we will see the Filter Bank multi-carriers (FBMC) based on theory of filter bank, and then we will look at FBMC/ OQAM technical, probably the most popular among FBMC techniques used in context of 5G wireless communication systems.