Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 01-07

Enhancement Of The Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Efficiency Of Mixtures And Multilayer Films

Authors : Tahar Merizgui . Abdechafik Hadjadj . Mecheri Kious .


The paper aims to measure the EMI shielding efficiency SE of the mixtures of Polyaniline (PAN) and conducting powders such as silver (Ag), graphite, and carbon black. The EMI SE of hydrochloric acid doped Polyaniline containing silver (Ag) powder at room temperature with 70 µm thickness. Chemical doping in PAN mixture samples in this research paper aims to enhance the SE of materials, which indicates of theoretical values received from a good conductor approximation that the used materials and technics can be commercially applied in shielding application against electromagnetic EM radiation. The theory of EMI SE calculation appears their effects in multilayer films based on conducting polymers. These conducting polymers were discussed in terms of boundary conditions for electric and magnetic fields of an EM plane waves. EMI shielding response displays the monolayer and multilayer films are dependent with the different thickness at high frequencies were compared and shows the theoretically expected results.


Conducting polymers Mixture Multilayer film Monolayer film Electromagnetic interference