Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 67-76

Pratiques De L’enseignement De La Lecture-compréhension Chez Les élèves De 1ère Année Moyenne

Auteurs : Bouzidi Souraya . Manaa Gaouaoua .


This paper deals with the teaching of reading comprehension at the level of middle schools. The study is based on a critical approach to the design and use of the French language handbook (first year). Thus, through a critical evaluation grid, we addressed the main skills that the handbook intends to enhance and the way they are perceived by the learners. What results is the fact that the handbook contains a plethora of activities that stimulate the passage from the oral to the writing skill. However, some activities do not enhance nor optimize fastly this transition.

Mots clés

teaching, handbook design, reading comprehension, middle school, critical approach.