Revue Des Sciences Humaines
Volume 27, Numéro 3, Pages 135-144

Les Interactions Verbales Dans Les émissions Télévisuelles Algériennes

Auteurs : Outaleb- Pellé Aldjia . Azil Amina Amel .


Our research work examines the specific features of mediated verbal interactions in Algerian televisions. Its primary aim is to study code switching and discourse cooperation in four TV programs : ‘ Paroles de Femmes’, ‘A Cœur Ouvert ‘, ‘ Bonjour d’Algérie ‘ in Canal Algerie TV and ‘ Controverse ‘ in Dzair TV. After recording and transcribing phonetically eight series of the cited TV programs, we adopted the interdisciplinary inductive approach to analyse our corpus. Thus, the results of our analysis revealed that participants alternate French, Algerian Arabic dialect, English and Tamazight in their mediated interactions in order to co-construct their verbal discourse, intended to be broadcasted to the general public.

Mots clés

Verbal interactions, language practices, code-switching, discourse collaboration, Algerian TV