Revue de l'Information Scientifique et Technique
Volume 24, Numéro 1, Pages 11-19

Acknowledgment-based Approach For Coping With Node Misbehavior In Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Authors : Bounouni Mahdi . Bouallouche-medjkoune Louiza . Choulak Elhadi . Chiker Mehdi .


A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of nodes that are able to communicate without the help of a pre-existing infrastructure or a centralized administration. Several routing protocols have been proposed to ensure communication between nodes based on the assumption that all nodes are willing to cooperate to forward data packets from a source node to a destination node. However, such cooperation cannot be guaran-teed because some nodes may behave maliciously by dropping packets destined to be forwarded. To cope with the malicious behavior of nodes, we have proposed an acknowledgment-based approach called IAACK (Improved AACK). IAACK approach is organized around three components. The monitoring component is responsible for monitoring the correct forwarding of data packets in order to detect eventual dropping activities of nodes. The reputation component evaluates the nodes trustworthiness by computing the nodes reputation instead of the links reputation. Nodes are classified into different cooperation category according to their reputation values. Thus, the reputation value of a node is updated according to its cooperation category. The isolation component punishes nodes having the reputation values smaller than the reputation threshold. The simulation results demonstrate that our approach IAACK improves the throughput and reduces the dropping ratio of malicious nodes.


MANET ; Malicious nodes ; Reputation ; Security ; Network simulator