les cahiers du mecas
Volume 12, Numéro 2, Pages 4-18

Evaluating The Role Of Training Strategy In Enhancing The Training Effectiveness

Authors : Thabit Hassan . Hadj Aissa Sid Ahmed . Sinan Abdullah Harjan .


This paper presents an evaluation for the role of training strategy in enhancing the training effectiveness by using Performance Leadership Assessment Tool (PLAT) as a tool to measure the influence of leadership in designing the good training programs in companies. The researchers distributed 100 questionnaires on a random group of managers, trainers, and trainees in Algerian companies. The researchers concluded that Designing training program must submit to a rigorous process of performance assessment for the leadership, trainers, and trainees, as well as develop a well-defined plan for the training strategy in any company to create an effective training program .


PLAT, Training effectiveness, Leadership, Designing training program, Training strategy.