Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 20-45

تجربة مصرف الفقراء

الكاتب : الفكي عبد الكريم يوسف .


The attempt of Poor’s Bank in Bangladesh came to introduce one of the best developmental models in south countries. Professor “Yunus” succeeded in the developing mechanism tool for This Bank to fight poverty in one of the least modest economies in the world, Bangladesh. Where, implementation it’s peerless strategy is not restricted to small credits (loans) by Poor’s Bank only, but it pass to include seventeen non-profitable development foundations, the pursue of which is to fight poverty and to achieved sustainable development. Poor’s Bank has many characteristics that distinguish it. The most important is that it is an economical project with a true social interest. It strongly focused on issues such as poverty and reliances in women as labour force. In addition to being an institutionnal experience depending on consultation, it is also a developmental experience. 94% of the bank capital is now held by poor people where the government holds only 6% of it. This experience has become a model to be imited in more than 54 countries in the world.

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