recherches économiques
Volume 8, Numéro 9, Pages 11-32

مدى رضا السائح الأردني عن الخدمات السياحية المقدمة (دراسة ميدانية على المواقع السياحية والأثرية في محافظة عجلون

الكاتب : مروان سلايمة .


The objective of their study is to investigate the reality of tourism service in Ajloun governorate, the overall Jordan tourist's satisfaction about it, and planning promotion procedures used by the governorate as well as the private tourist companies, so as to evaluate their performance in a step to promote their role in marketing tourism in Jordan. A random sample of 120 Jordanian. Tourists visiting Ajloun were investigated. The results show that general services like transportation, communication, food, and drinks were relatively low. But other services like recreation facilities, natural forests, and attractiveness of the place were high. The study recommends that government should adopt new reliable strategy to promote the site, and encourage partnerships between local Jordanian companies and foreign as well as Arab partner's to visit Jordan

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Tourism service, Jordan