recherches économiques
Volume 7, Numéro 7, Pages 71-92

أنماط القيادة الإدارية والتحديات التي تواجهها

الكاتب : محمد اقبال العجلوني .


The aim of this study is to know the common types of leadership, and to discuss its effective application in the managerial organizations. It also stands on the challenge that face the administrative leaderships. The results of the study show that there are three types of leadership which come as a result of the development of the administrative thought in the field of leadership. These types are: autocratic leadership, democratic leadership, and free (uncontrolled) leadership. Each type has advantages and disadvantages which may be affective in certain conditions.The study also shows that if we want to achieve the modern management we have to deal with the modern challenges as main factors in deciding the type that we use to face them specially after moving to a new era, The era of knowledge and technology. in this modern age the new role of leadership is to develop the human resources.This means that the leader has to give a great importance to the main factor in the era of knowledge. So the used leadership type has to be a response to the modern era

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Leadership, Administrative leaderships, Challenges