Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 418-430

Temporalité Et Cadre énonciatif Dans Le Discours Journalistique

Auteurs : Miri Benabdallah Imene .


Our work is based on a perspective of a textual and discursive analysis of a set of journalistic columns "Raina Raikoum of the Quotidien d'Oran". Our objective in this article is to understand and determine the enunciative framework that makes it possible to specify the statutory place for each issuer by specifying the conditions of coherence and relevance of the communication situation. Our concern is to identify the particularities of verbal functioning related to the narrative perspective and/ or the situation of enunciation in a specific corpus; that of journalism discourse.

Mots clés

Analyse -discourse- enunciation- temporality.