Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 124-143

La Conception Du Manuel Scolaire Entre Enjeux Institutionnels Et Enjeux Pedagogiques

Auteurs : Belouadi Fatima Zohra .


After the implementation of the reform of the education system in 2003, the teaching of the French language has been endowed With new textbooks. These educational materials, ought to meet the requirements of the new programs, and respect the purposes of the Algerian school. This contribution treats with the problem of the coherence in the writing of the official speeches, and with the conformity between the official document, here the program of 2nd year middle school and the conception of the textbook of 2nd year middle school We shall try trough this work to make an analytical reading of some speeches of the reform, and their application by the elaboration the textbook

Mots clés

school textbook- program- conception- conformity- educational issues- institutional issues.