Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 79-92

Empowering Language Learners With Learning Strategies Through Weaving A Strategy Training Into The Language Course A Reading Strategies Training For Business English Learners As A Sample

Authors : Belhadia Amar . Yacine Rachida .


This research paper aims at assessing the effectiveness weaving a reading strategies training into a course of English to empower language learners with reading strategies. For this purpose, the researcher chose a set of reading strategies representing the training content and designed an English for General Business Purposes (EGBP) course through which the strategy training was introduced. The EGBP course was designed in accordance with the participants' entry profile, as they are a group of 1M year I-MD commercial sciences students at the Department of Commercial Sciences at the University Of hassiba benboulai in Chelf; who were randomly chosen. Before starting the course, the researcher, first, conducted an interview with the participants in order to know whether they have ever experienced a strategy training, after that, he surveyed the reading strategies they already knew and their frequency' use Eventually, and after the completion of the course, using the same reading strategies questionnaire, the researcher surveyed the reading strategies used by the participants and their frequency' use in order to assess the efficiency of the strategy training through the comparison of the results revealed by the questionnaires.


Language course, Reading skill, Reading strategies, Strategy training