Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 962-970

The Effect Of The Direct Self Curling Polymerization On The Thermal And Structural Properties Of The Polyaniline Doped By Unsaturated Carboxylic Acid

Authors : Naar Nacira .


The polyaniline is a polymer used as electric charge in the thermoplastic composite polymers intended to the electrostatic charges absorption. In this work, we propose two synthesis in order to improve the electrical and structural properties of this charge using a self curling process polymerization in one step. In this considered work, two doping agents containing the combined and unsaturated functioned carboxylic acids (cinnamic acid and crotonic acid) were used. These doping agents were not cited in the other work in the litterature. Several methods of analysis were used to characterize the obtained samples (FTIR, DSC, DRX, and electric conductivity). The presence of ethanol as surfactant agent ensured a micellar dipersion. As result, a good intra and intermolecular rearrangement in the obtained structures with an important electrical conductivity values.


Polyaniline, Doping, Emulsion, Polyaniline, Self-Curling, Cinnamic acid, Crotonic acid.