Ex Professo
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 43-54

L’histoire En Fiction Chez Isabelle Eberhardt : Dire L’impensé Et Raconter L’indicible Dans « Au Pays Des Sables »

Auteurs : Chihani Ouassila .


Truth and fiction an important role in the literature, has endangered the truth to swear imagination the most important roles to contribute to the transfer of many of the pictures beautiful scenes and distinctive as long as a country has suffered the worst of isolation and the persecution of colonial and that the filming geographical nature and its living conditions with shed light on its history and the ideas of its population and traditions of different form and weight with writer habits this flight contributing in keeping social inherited almost where in a few and the absence of some of the media at the time. I want to point out that relied upon as a historical document that would provide the reader and libraries to you from the historical information that may have the sources did not address other historical documentaries.

Mots clés

fiction, réel, histoire/Histoire, image /représentation, l’indicible, témoignage, héritage social