Ex Professo
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 111-120

An Attempt To Understand The Causes Of Efl Students’ Writing Mistakes The Case Of First Year Students Of English At Kasdi Merbah University- Ouargla

Authors : Kaddeche- Benzoukh Assia - Halima .


Teachers and students admit that in any EFL classroom there might be some of the students’ writing mistakes. The present paper comes to shed light on the main causes or that lead EFL learners to commit the same writing mistakes. What is more is that the students' mistakes are sometimes the same previously corrected by their teachers. Hence, this study aims at detecting whether the teacher’s method is the main reason behind these mistakes. Moreover, this study tries to suggest a more effective strategy to deal with them. The study is carried out with first-year students of English at Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla. To figure out the main causes behind committing of these mistakes, the selected sample is interviewed for forty-five minutes. The interview’s findings reveal that first-year students of English keep committing the same writing mistakes because of anxiety, language complexity, L1 interference and the teacher’s feedback practices.


writing mistakes, EFL classroom students, teaching, anxiety, L1 interference.