Timsal n Tamazight
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 72-77

Lexical Creativity Through The Use Of New Denotations

Authors : Sekkal (babou) Meryem .


Human languages are regarded as the most important instrument for communication. They are used to sending vital messages about life, character and personality. Indeed, these messages are generally interpreted differently because of the impact of our culture which is able to explain how we think and behave in various situations. In a general sense, language occupies a vigorous place to influence people’s views and concepts about their world. By means of language, individual identities become explicit since it mirrors their social status environment and culture. Arguably, when languages or dialects come into contact, either directly through the personal contact of the speakers of these languages, or indirectly through the media, one common outcome is the diffusion of cultural items across linguistic boundaries. One clear manifestation of this cultural diffusion is the emergence of new lexical items in the recipient language.


Lexical Creativity , New Denotations