Courrier du Savoir scientifique et technique
Volume 10, Numéro 10, Pages 73-78

Dynamical Study Of The Flow Along A Two-dimensional Channelwith A Right Angled Bend

Auteurs : Brima A . Atmani R . Bentercia M . B Achour .


A two-dimensional incompressible laminar flow passing through a constant width channel with a ninety-degree turn is investigated. Based on the flow separation and recirculation phenomena downstream of the inner corner , a model profile for the axial velocity component is chosen. Concerning the channel segments upstream and downstream of the previous corner, the insertion of the velocity profiles (incorporating a distortion profile function) in the Navier-Stocks equations and the use of the integral method lead to a linear differential equation for the previous function. Whereas, the corresponding previous differential equation is not linear in the corner region. The analytical and numerical solutions for the first and last equations respectively are obtained and the Reynolds number Re as well as recirculation bubble effects on the flow variables are presented for (100 ≤ Re ≤ 540); the experimental range of flow visualisation and measurement ).

Mots clés

laminar flow, distortion function, velocity profile,flow separation, recirculation bubble.