Courrier du Savoir scientifique et technique
Volume 8, Numéro 8, Pages 69-73

Study Of The Temperature Distribution In The Bituminous Concrete Facing Used In Fill Dams In The Semi Arid Region Of West Algeria

Auteurs : Djemili Lakhdar . Chiblak Mohamed Mansour .


The main objective of this research was first of all to establish a mathematical relationship for the maximum temperature on the surface of the bituminous concrete facing used in existing and future earth dam’s construction in the semi arid region of the west of Algeria without taking any in-situ experimental measurements. Secondly it was to study the influence of some factors on this temperature. The results which have been obtained showed that the maximum temperature on the surface of the bituminous concrete facing was proportional to the air temperature of the site and also depends on the climatic, geographical and geometric factors.

Mots clés

Bituminous, concrete facing, fill dams, temperature

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