Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 25-32

Hot Deformation Behaviour Of 3% Silicon Steel Under Wedge Shaped Specimens

Authors : Benchouieb R. . Sellars C. M. . Richardson G. J. .


The static recrystallisation behaviour of a low carbon 3% Silicon steel, which is ferritic at high temperatures. has been investigated using a single-pass hot rolling experiment. The hot-rolling tests were carried out in a temperature of 900 "C to 9mm thickness followed by holding at the same temperature, using specimens of the two extruded bars. With increasing rolling reduction and holding time after rolling, the fraction recrystallised increased. The. preferential area for this recrystallisation was the previous grain boundaries, particularly triple points of boundaries where the strain was concentrated. In this fine grain size material, the possibility of consistent results needs better control of strain and temperature under the wedge shaped material


3% Silicon steel, hot rolling, dynamic recovery, static recrystallisation