Journal Algérien des Régions Arides
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 67-78

Characteristic Improvement Of Dune's Sand Concrete

Authors : Guettala A. . Mezeghiche B. . Chebili R. .


The main objective of this study is to improve the properties and mechanical characteristics of sand concrete based on fine sand. This is done by several methods while keeping the cement content at 350 kg/m3. A dynamic compacting process is used without filler and then with filler in the first stage, with filler of limestone (calcareous) in the second stage and lastly with additive (plasticizers and fluidifiers) in different amount in the third stage. Tests carried out show an important improvement concerning: * The compressive strength of concrete. * The limit state of fluidity of concrete. * Effect of filler on the best granular correction.


Sand Concrete, Dune Sand, Additives, Fillers, Dynamique Compacting, Process, Compressive Strength

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