Journal Algérien des Régions Arides
Volume 13, Numéro 1, Pages 35-40

Participation Of Rural Women In Agricultural Activities In Algeria, The Case Of The Commune Of Maafa (south East Algeria)

Authors : Lahmadi Salwa . Bengougua K. . Maaoui M. . Zeguerrou R. . Belhamra M. . Halis Y. .


The rural women in the South East Algeria play a pivotal role in agriculture. They are crucial for the overall success of efforts directed to agricultural development in rural areas. This paper examined the participation of rural women in agriculture activities in the region of Maafa, South East of Algeria. This work showed that, the most farm activities, in Maafa, were oriented for marketing more than for subsistence. The agriculture depends much on the presence of women. More than 50 % of workforce feminine was characterized by advanced age (more than 50 years). All the inquired rural women contribute in agriculture and animal breeding in addition to their routine household duties. Their agricultural activities are regarded as an involvement to improve the family income and farming agricultural production. Evidently, factors militating against the participation of women in agricultural production are many, and some of which are social, physical and biological in nature.


Rural women, agriculture activities, Mâafa, Algeria.