Volume 12, Numéro 1, Pages 65-70

Fast And Efficient Fem Analysis Of E And H Plane Waveguide Bends Discontinuities

Authors : Nouri K. . Feham M. .


Rectangular waveguide discontinuities are frequently used in many applications in communication systems. Fast and efficient technique, based on finite element method FEM is applied in this paper to the analysis of bends in lossless rectangular waveguide for both H and E plane. These junctions, excited by fundamental TE10 mode, are analysed with taking into account the effects of higher order modes due to the presence of neighbouring discontinuities. The scattering matrix of many complex microwave devices is obtained by chaining S matrices of simple discontinuities. All these numerical results have been validated by comparison with results available in the scientific literature


Bends, Rectangular waveguides, Finite Element Method, Discontinuities, S matrices

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