Revue des Etudes Economiques Approfondies
Volume 1, Numéro 3, Pages 1-27

Factors Affecting The Decision Of Grant Bank Loans To Economic Institutions.’ –the Case Of Smes Tlemcen –

Authors : Ouadah Naima . Dr. Arzi Fethi .


The banking sector is most important sectors that support economic development without them can any economy presses that does its job. Bank credit is effective banking very important, as generated by the return represents the main focus of revenue for any bank no matter how many and varied other sources of revenue; without him, Bank loses his job as financial brokers in economics, but at the same time invest surrounded by risks, especially the financial risks. The aim of this article is to know the factors affecting the decision of grant bank loans to economic institutions. In order to address this problem, we relied on a series of previous studies in this area to study the variables did not study. On all public banks, including foreign and Arab represented in 12 banks. Through direct delivery to form the survey of credit officers and charged with studying the loan files, and to answer a series of questions the variables of the study and the nature of their impact on decision – making in the banks‗ employees.


banks, economic institutions, bank loans,  decision-making.