Algerian Journal of Research and Technology
Volume 0, Numéro 0, Pages 32-39

Rheological Characterization Of Algerian Crude Oil And Emulsions Water / Oil

Authors : Benyerou B .


In this paper, a fine rheological characterization was performed for five types of crude oil from the Algerian Sahara and several water / oil emulsions. This study allows us to obtain more knowledge about the rheological behavior of these samples and provides us with information on their storage and transport in pipes. Three qualities of water were used, seawater, drinking water and groundwater sources. The tests were carried out at a temperature of 23 °C using a sophisticated rheometer with cone-plate geometry (the RS600 RheoStress from ThermoHaake). The perturbing effects such as sliding, evaporation, fracturing and digging were well controlled. The study shows that the rheological behavior of the five types of crude oil is Newtonian, however, that emulsions of volume concentrations of 30%, 50% and 70% of water is non-Newtonian with the existence of a threshold constraint. The Bingham, Herschel-Bulkley and ostwald De Waele models were used and adjusted so to correctly represent the rheological behavior of these materials.


Oil, Oil-water emulsions, Rheological behavior, Stress level, Shear stress, Shear rate.

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