Journal of Building Materials and Structures
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 218-226

A Study On Strengthening Of Building Foundation For Storey Extension

Authors : Zumrawi Magdi . Aldawi Hiba .


Storey extensions are an increasingly popular way to crowded cities. Lack experience and ‎knowledge concerning strengthening of structures are major challenges for engineers. This ‎paper presents strengthening practice adopted for foundations of existing building when storey ‎extension is needed. Literature concerning strengthening techniques commonly adopted and ‎some historical cases were reviewed. A complex hall building in university of Khartoum which ‎was rehabilitated in 2009 by strengthening the structural members of the existing building to ‎accommodate additional floors was undertaken as a case study. The records and reports of the ‎original design and last rehabilitation of the building were reviewed. Field inspection of the ‎building condition before rehabilitation was carried out. The study results showed that the ‎appropriate design, the strengthening materials used and the procedure followed are the key ‎factors for economical and successful strengthening.‎


Storey extension ; foundation ; Strengthening technique ; rehabilitation