Journal of Building Materials and Structures
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 212-217

Sustainable Utilization Of Plastic Waste As Aggregate In Concrete Mixes: A Review

Authors : Kore Dr. Sudarshan .


Plastic waste create serious environmental problems, mainly owing to the inconsistency of the wastes streams. Due to rapid population growth and their consistent necessity the use of plastic is increasing regularly. This creates a large quantity of garbage every day which is unhealthy and pollutes the environment. In present scenario solid waste management is a challenge in our country. This paper represents a collection of ideas of various studies done on the use of Plastic Waste Materials in concrete mixes. Conclusions are drawn based upon the respective results of all the mentioned research papers.


Plastic waste ; concrete ; sustainability

Experimental Investigation On The Properties Of Concrete Containing Post-consumer Plastic Waste As Coarse Aggregate Replacement

Tafheem Zasiah .  Rakib Rakibul Islam .  Esharuhullah M.d. .  Reduanul Alam S.m. .  Mashfiqul Islam Md. . 
pages 23-31.

Influence Of Some Industrial Wastes As A Heavy Aggregate On Durability Of Concrete Upon Utilization In The Special Constructions

El-sayed Hamdy .  Abo-el-enein Salah .  Sakr Khaled .  Ali Ali .  Gharieb Mahmoud . 
pages 1-13.

Effect Of Aggregate Grain Size Distribution On Properties Of Permeable Concrete

Yazici ş. .  Mardani-aghabaglou A. . 
pages 323-338.