Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 242-262

الحماية الجنائية للأطفال من جريمة استغلال الأعضاء البشرية دراسة في ضل الأمر رقم 15/ 12 المؤرخ في 15 يوليو 2015 المتعلق بحماية الطفل

الكاتب : وادي عماد الدين .


The phenomenon of child exploitation for organtraffickingpurposesdivided in Algeria, especially in recentyears, cases of child abduction increased to trade in theirorgans, or get a law, whichprompted the legislature to put a law on the protection of childrenagainstthese abhorrent practices underDecree No. 15/12 of 15 July 2015 on the protection of children, the penal code amended by law No 09/01 sothatadded new forms in the section on those crimes, mostlyrelated to protection againstchild the phenomenon of trafficking in organs. That'swhywehopethroughthis document to successfullyclarify the characteristics of the crime of the sale and exploitation of humanorgans for children in Algerian law, trying to answer the followingproblem: the effectiveness of developedlegaltexts in Algerian law to fightagainst the exploitation of humanorgans for children in Algeria crimes?

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