Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 583-583

Le Polar, Lieu Commun De L'écriture Méditerranéenne Chez Manuel Vâzquez Montalbân

Auteurs : Ghassoul Yasmina .


The Mediterranean, a geographical, political and literary space, is undoubtedly the place of all fantasies and dreams, but beyond the sea and whatever the river we are talking about, there is a mixed Mediterranean area. But common to all its regions. Most Mediterranean writers have in common this luminous and picturesque image offered by the Mediterranean, they create from their text a descriptive literature, made of colors, smells and passions evoking the sea and the sun. The Mediterranean Polar is, in essence, the privileged creation field of emergence and diffusion of its contemporary myths, it thus popularizes a sum of universal and mythical images common to all the Mediterranean basin. In this article, we are interested in the peculiarities of Manuel Vasquez Montalbân's novel "polar black" Mediterranean, his specific features and what he shares in common with other texts of the same genre and the same region.

Mots clés

Identity — culture — Mediterranean- thriller - kind — scriptures -detective – space.